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All Shy & Tongue twisted?

Most people have some nerves when chatting to the opposite sex, especially face to face- but if they have already chatted to the person over the phone it's an established fact that they will feel more relaxed at a first meeting.

It's also true -very true that because society puts so much pressure on singles - that it's all to easy to get nervous and tongue-tied even when chatting on the phone. We aim to help you -even a little to feel comfier and more relaxed in'the chat'!

When all is said and done remember that if you're chatting to a girl on 13p-Chatterbox for the first time, she's a human being like you, not an alien! Girls are remarkably the same as Guys, with the same sort of sense of humour and of course really aren't judgemental!

We'd always advise the so called deep dive technique -find out as much as you can as quickly as you can without it sounding like a job interview! More details of this will be posted in the blog

Be yourself on the phone, when you're casually chatting up someone else remember that the more interest you show in what you are being told will usually be rewarded -people like to know that they are being listened to, not talked at!

Listen, don't Talk! (too much..!)

Wikihow has a great feature on How to Find Things to talk about
Ehow has a great set of tips on How to Attract Girls in Conversation
There's dozens of articles on How to Woo Girls, THIS ONE is cool.

Plenty more tips on the blog, plenty of ideas to try out as well. Just remember- no one is scamming you, no paid ops and you can take things as slow as you want. !

Quick Chat Up! Call the number and listen to the simple instructions. Ideal for shy guys and girls, you can listen without talking until you're happy and it's a GREAT way of practicing the old chit-chat with the opposite sex!
0871 706 0044 For Straight Chat
0871 706 0033 For Gay, Bi or Curious Chat
Calls cost 13p per minute plus your phone company's access charge

You must be over 18 to use this service & have the bill payer's permission to use the phone you're calling from. Calls cost £0.13 per minute plus your phone company's access charge. All live calls are recorded. This is a non adult service provided by Stream18 Media, London, EC1V 2NX. Customer service: 0203 035 0033


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